Hello, Y’all
My name is Chris Leckness,
I’m an Electronics Tech and
I’m looking for a new job!

I’m back on the Job Market

I have been employed as an electronics technician for AT&T for the last 20 years and I am now moving towards the next step in my professional life. I am looking at jobs where i can utilize my experience as an electronics technician in the telecommunications sector and my electronics background in the US Navy. While my preference is to migrate to the government sector, I am not shutting out civilian opportunities.

I have worked on a wide variety of equipment in the last 30 years. Check out my experience or connect with me to request a resume and references.

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What is Lecktronix

Lecktronix is a name I came up with when I was in the US Navy as an electronics technician. I had a sign on my office on the USS Cardinal that said Lecktronix Shop. It was simple, Leckness + Electronics Tech = Lecktronix.

After I left the Navy in 1998, I created a web design company in Tuscaloosa, AL called Lecktronix Web Design. I eventually shut the business down and rebranded Lecktronix.com into a Webmaster resource site. The site got bought out and for 10 years it was run by a company. When they were done with the domain, they sold it back to me. I used the domain as a personal blog for a few years and it’s been a splash page since… until now.

You are always welcome to
drop me a line to discuss opportunities.