Gwent – Rank 5 to 10 in 3 Hours!

I posted earlier today about finally reaching Rank 15 on my main Gwent account. I said I was going to play with my F2P account and see what I can do with it. I haven't played my F2P account much since ranked mode came out. I have a VERY…

Gwent – I Finally Made it to Rank 15

On the day that the Nilfgaard faction was launched, I hit rank 14. Before that, I was stuck at 13 for a good week. Every time I was a win or two from 14, I would lose a few. It was frustrating and when I hit 14 and peaked at rank 122. At…

Gwent – Nilfgaard is Live Nilfgaard is here! For 60+ days, we've been staring at coming soon underneath the Nilfgaard faction when creating decks and now it's finally time to build some decks. The funny thing is 2 days has…

My Hearthstone Achievements

This is my “Bucket List” for Hearthstone for my Torlaan account. This is archived from a page I used to maintain. I no longer play Hearthstone. Rank Legend #1 Rank Legend Top 100 Rank Legend Rank 1 Rank 5 09-26-2015 Rank 10 09-13-2015 Rank…

The Rock Titan & Ao Kuang Spoliers

Hi-Rez has revealed another spoiler for the Chinese Pantheon today on their @SmiteTactics Twitter account today. Make that 2 spoilers since we were able to get 100 retweets of this Tweet today. Unfortunately there is no info about The Rock…

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