I’m Addicted to Aquariums

My New Obsession - Aquariums Well it's a new obsession that I've had for ever, I just recently got more serious about it. I've kept aquariums on and off since I was a kid. My dad used to keep saltwater aquariums and I could sit and watch…

Gwent – CDPR Adds Patch Notes Tab

Gwent Patch Notes Tab CDPR has recently added a patch notes tab to the Gwent client! This is an awesome addition. No more checking the forums, Reddit, or PlayGwent.com for patch notes! They only have the 1st two patches listed right now but…

My One Page Wonder – KLWP Rocks!

Customization Overload I have been obsessed with customizing my Google Pixel XL since I got it a few weeks ago. Over the last few days, my obsession peaked when I found KLWP. What is KLWP, It's a superb app that creates live wallpapers for…

Chris Leckness

Incoherant Ramblings from a Red Neck Tech Geek!
This profile box doesn’t give me enough room to adequately explain who I am. Check out my About page to get more info! The short version is that I am a long time Tech Enthusiast, a Father, a gamer, Sports Fan, a Vaper, and much much more!


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